Social Welfare & Contibutions

Indian Association Roles

Under Mr Salim's visionary leadership, the Indian Association of Ras-Al-Khaimah has flourished into a beacon of hope and assistance for the local community. With over two thousand members, the association extends its support to all citizens irrespective of nationality, religion, or creed, offering vital services such as health care, family welfare, disaster relief, and blood donation drives.

Throughout his tenure as President, spanning an unparalleled fifteen years, Mr. Salim spearheaded numerous initiatives in collaboration with governmental bodies, diplomatic missions, and community stakeholders. Notable accomplishments include facilitating the repatriation of stranded Indian workers during the U.A.E. government's Amnesty Policy, organising medical camps providing free healthcare services, and maintaining a robust network of blood donors for emergencies.

Personal Commitments to Social Welfare:

In addition to his institutional leadership, Mr Salim actively engages in personal philanthropy and advocacy for marginalised individuals. His endeavours encompass providing financial and legal support to prisoners, coordinating repatriation efforts, and advocating for labour rights and welfare.

On a personal level, Mr. Aboobakar Sainulabdeen Salim has been deeply involved in various social work and community service initiatives. These include providing financial assistance and support to individuals in jail or stranded in the U.A.E., conducting regular visits to prisons to address the needs of prisoners, and petitioning authorities for pardons and repatriation of deserving cases. Additionally, he has organised public contributions to aid impoverished prisoners, facilitated the repatriation of stranded Indian workers during government amnesties, and coordinated successful medical camps providing essential healthcare services. His efforts also include maintaining blood donor lists, covering hospital bills for the needy, and intervening in disputes faced by stranded labourers. Furthermore, he worked closely with governmental authorities to ensure the smooth execution of community projects. These endeavours have garnered recognition from various ministries and community associations, underscoring his commitment to serving society.